[[en]]Tech & Art Magnet Program[[zh]]科技与艺术磁石计划

[[en]]Your future is in your hand, create it now![[zh]]你的未来你主宰,来创造吧,就现在!

[[en]]You Drive.  We Navigate.[[zh]]你扬帆,我导航

[[en]]Input Your Destination[[zh]]明确目的地

[[en]]The first priority is to know your goal, and where do you want to be?[[zh]]首先要知道你的目标是什么,目的地在哪里?

[[en]]Choose the Route[[zh]]选择路线

[[en]]Where there is will, there is a way.  It’s not about the distance, it is about finding the possible ways to make it.[[zh]]有志者,事竟成。能取得成功与否无无关乎距离远近,而在于方法对路。

[[en]]Begin Your Journey Today[[zh]]即日起航

[[en]]The earlier you press the gas paddle, the higher chance to reach your designation in time.  Don’t compete with the speed, starts early and drive.[[zh]]早一天扬起风帆,才更有可能按时抵达终点。与其慌张赶路,不如提早动身。

[[en]]I’ve been studying at Advance Academy for 2 years now. This academy has great tutors and counselors who helped me get through 8th grade with decent grades. They also helped me apply and get into JSerra Catholic High School as well as the JSerra Engineering Magnet Program. The staff at Advance Academy are really nice and work very diligently in order to help their students achieve their goals.[[zh]]我已经在AA学习两年了,这里的导师和顾问都很棒,在他们帮助下,我以不错的成绩读完了8年级。他们还帮助我申请进入了JSerra Catholic高中及其工程学磁石课程。AA的工作人员总是以帮助学生实现目标为己任,他们非常敬业!

Peter C.

[[en]]JSerra Catholic High School - Engineering Magnet Program[[zh]]JSerra Catholic高中 — 工程磁石计划
[[en]]At first I had no idea what major I wanted. My mom and I were thinking more about going towards business but I was still unsure. However, my counselors pushed me to attend an International Relations summer camp. I ended up being passionate about the subject.[[zh]]一开始我不知道自己想学什么专业,我妈和我都考虑是否要读商科,但其实我并不确定。然而,我的顾问鼓励我参加了一个国际关系夏令营,最终我发现自己对这个专业充满了热情。

Richard X.

[[en]]High School Counseling[[zh]]高中咨询

[[en]]Services For Any Age Groups[[zh]]全年龄段服务

[[en]]High School Planning[[zh]]高中规划

[[en]]With our extensive data and resources, our students are given the tools and plans to be prepared for goal schools. Our monthly meetings facilitate each critical task, utilizing auto-update and tracking to ensure 100% execution with quality.[[zh]]凭借我们丰富的数据和资源,我们的学生就能通过更高效的工具和更周密的计划来为目标学校的申请做准备。我们每个月都有例会,确保每一个关键任务按计划推进,并且对任务进行自动更新和追踪,以确保百分百地执行和落实。

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[[en]]College Application[[zh]]大学申请

[[en]]Understand your chances of getting into your goal schools and how your applications will be evaluated. Our strategic school & major selection and application enhancement make you stand out from the crowd.[[zh]]在这里你会了解到自己有哪些机会能够进入目标学校。同时,我们会对你的申请作出全方位评估,通过制定学校和专业选择策略以及对申请方案的优化,能够使您在人群中脱颖而出。

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[[en]]Community College Application & Transfer[[zh]]社区大学申请与转学

[[en]]In the US, Community Colleges offer clear and guided pathways to transfer opportunities, certificates, associate degrees, employment, and further education to top-ranked 4-year national universities.  This is one of the most simple, cost-efficient and flexible education programs is overlooked by international students.[[zh]]美国是可以把个人机会、荣誉证书、副学士学位、就业和进阶教育等从社区大学转到一流的四年制国立大学的,而且这是一个非常清晰而有指导性的途径。虽然它通常被国际学生忽视,但这是最简单、最具成本效益和最灵活的教育计划之一。

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[[en]]Graduate School Application[[zh]]研究生院申请

[[en]]We work with young adults who are eager to achieve their ultimate career goal by attending Business, STEM, and Social Studies graduate programs. We assess your academic strengths and discover your potentials to create ambitious application profiles, and make the application journey rewarding.[[zh]]我们十分乐于与那些渴望通过读研来实现自己最终的职业目标的上进青年合作,尤其是商科、理工或社科类项目。我们会对你的学术实力进行综合评估,充分发掘个人潜力,帮助你创建斗志昂扬的申请档案,让所有的付出终得回报。

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[[en]]K-12 Private School Application[[zh]]K-12私立学校申请

[[en]]No matter kindergarten or high school selection, your ultimate goal is to enter your ideal college. The key is to start planning early. Following our strategic plans, we assess your overall background to select the most suitable schools and increase your chances to enter your goal schools.[[zh]]择校是个无法回避的问题,无论是选幼儿园还是选高中,最终都是为了进入自己理想中的大学。而能否达成目标,最关键的就在于你是否能够尽早开始筹划。在我们精心设计的策略指导下,能够对个人的整体背景进行合理的评估,帮助你选择最合适的学校,进而大大增加你进入更高层次的目标学校的机会。

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[[en]]Essay Writing[[zh]]文书指导

[[en]]Our customizable service is designed to help students discover and highlight their uniqueness. Our essay coaches guide them to compose authentic personal stories for their chosen schools and majors. You will be surprised by how easy your unique personal stories are presented lively in the admission officers’ mind.[[zh]]我们的个性化服务旨在帮助学生发掘并着重表现他们的独特性。在文书老师的指导下,学生们都能够撰写出真实而精彩的个人事迹,表达出自己对所选学校和专业的热情。你会惊讶地发现,素未谋面的招生老师脑海里已经有一个“栩栩如生”的你了。

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[[en]]We provide one-on-one ALL subjects and test-prep tutoring. Regardless your goal is high standardized test scores or A’s for school tests and homework, our result-driven mechanism helps you to achieve it within a limited time.[[zh]]我们针对所有科目以及标准化考试都提供一对一的辅导。无论你的目标是在标准考试中得高分,还是要在学校的成绩拿到A,我们以结果走向,在有限的时间内达成目标。

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