[[en]]College Admission Made Easy[[zh]]大学轻松录取

[[en]]With our strategic plan, your college application is never this easy.[[zh]]有了我们的战略计划,申请大学从未如此简单。

[[en]]Do You Know[[zh]]你知道吗?

[[en]]What is the chance for me to meet my dream school requirements?[[zh]]我怎么才能达到理想学校的要求?

[[en]]For Arts and Tech majors, what additional assignments are required?[[zh]]艺术和科技类专业需要额外的作业吗?

[[en]]What are the differences between public school and private school admission criteria?[[zh]]公立学校和私立学校的录取标准有什么不同?

[[en]]Success Stories[[zh]]成功故事

Jerry H.

[[en]]I joined really late during the summer before my 12th grade with low grades. My goal was to get into TOP 10 CS major colleges. The counselor here worked hard to help me develop a tech major spike within a few months. They helped me with website design, TECH portfolio, and application essays. I was admitted to UC Berkeley’s CS Major.[[zh]]我12年级之前的那个夏天才加入,而且那时成绩不好。我的目标是进入计算机科学专业排名前十的大学。这里的老师非常敬业,他们指导我完成网站设计、技术文档和申请论文,帮我在短短几个月内就打造出一个科技方向的特长亮点。最终,我被加州大学伯克利分校的计算机专业录取了。
[[en]]6 Offers![[zh]]6个录取通知

[[en]]University of California, Berkeley[[zh]]加州大学伯克利分校

[[en]]University of California, Davis[[zh]]加州大学戴维斯分校

[[en]]University of Washington[[zh]]华盛顿大学

[[en]]Purdue University[[zh]]普渡大学

[[en]]and more...[[zh]]还有更多!

Hao C.

[[en]]Advance Academy have very professional teachers, they help me develop my essay writing skills and English speaking skills. They have the ability to solve the problems quickly during the application, they were my strong supporter when I didn’t have a direction. I thought I could only go to community colleges, but I ended up going to my ideal colleges![[zh]]AA有非常专业的老师,他们帮助我提高我的文书写作技能和英语口语技能。他们有能力在申请过程中快速解决问题,在我迷茫的时候,他们是我坚强的后盾。原本以为只能去社区大学了,没想到还能进入理想大学!
[[en]]3 Offers![[zh]]3个录取通知!

[[en]]University of California, Riverside[[zh]]加州大学河滨分校

[[en]]Penn State[[zh]]宾夕法尼亚州立大学

[[en]]Rutgers University[[zh]]罗格斯大学

[[en]]We've Got You Covered[[zh]]我们为你护航

[[en]]Background Analysis[[zh]]背景分析

[[en]]Evaluate academic and extracurricular background for target schools.[[zh]]根据目标学校的要求,对学生的学术课业和课外活动进行评估。

[[en]]School Selection Strategy[[zh]]择校策略

[[en]]Matching college programs with major goals.[[zh]]选择学校应该与主要目标相匹配。

[[en]]Application Guidance[[zh]]申请指导

[[en]]Deploy strategies and refine the presentation.[[zh]]部署策略并改进展示材料。

[[en]]Essay Editing[[zh]]论文编辑

[[en]]Expand your limited experiences and strategize the most critical accomplishment.[[zh]]拓宽经验,并围绕最关键的个人成就来制定策略。

[[en]]Application follow-up[[zh]]申请跟进

[[en]]Until the end of the school enrollment process.[[zh]]直到入学程序结束。

[[en]]Interview Training[[zh]]面试培训

[[en]]Tips with real interview questions and numerous practices with experienced interview coaches.[[zh]]培训真实面试问题的应对技巧,并与经验丰富的面试教练做大量模拟练习。


[[en]]How many schools should I apply for?[[zh]]我应该申请几所学校?

[[en]]We pick the schools based on the major, ranking, and location. We recommend that students pick 3 types of schools to apply to at least  3 Safety schools, 3 match schools, 3 reach schools, as well as all UCs.[[zh]]我们根据专业、排名和地点来选择学校。一般建议学生选择三种类型的学校,申请至少3所保底学校、3所匹配学校,3所理想学校,以及所有UC。

[[en]]When should I start preparing for my application?[[zh]]我应该什么时候开始准备我的申请?

[[en]]We recommend students to start preparing the application before the summer after 11th grade. If you're not sure about your planning and goals, you should join our high school planning as soon as possible. [[zh]]我们建议学生最晚要在11年级的暑假前开始准备申请。申请前如果对自己的规划及方向还没有准备,最好及早开始加入我们的高中规划。

[[en]]Who should I ask for recommendation letters?[[zh]]我应该向谁索取推荐信?

[[en]]Students should find two teachers that they are very familiar with and are related to the major.[[zh]]需要找两位你非常熟悉并且与专业相关的老师。

[[en]]What’s the difference between EA, ED, and REA?[[zh]]EA、ED和REA有什么区别?

[[en]]EA (Early Action) is a non-binding application with an earlier deadline than Regular Decision (RD), you can apply as many EA schools as you want and don’t need to commit to roll once you got accepted. For Restricted Early Action (REA), although it’s still non-binding, you can only choose one school to apply for. Early Decision (ED) is a binding application. You can only choose one ED school and you must enroll if you are admitted.[[zh]]EA (Early Action)是一个非约束性的申请,它的截止日期比Regular Decision (RD)要早,你可以根据需要去申请任意多的EA学校,被录取了也不需要承诺入学,。对于限制性提前申请(REA),虽然它仍然是非约束性的,但你只能选择一所学校来申请。Early Decision (ED)是一个绑定式的申请方式,你只能选择一所大学,如果你被录取就必须要注册入学。

[[en]]UC doesn’t require 9th grade GPA?[[zh]]UC不要求9年级GPA吗?

[[en]]Freshman and senior year grades are NOT included in the GPA calculation. UC-approved Honors, AP, IB and community college courses are weighted.[[zh]]GPA的计算不包括高一和高四的成绩。UC认可的荣誉​​、AP、IB和社区学院课程均占权重。

[[en]]I’m an international student and I attended US high school since 9th grade, do I still need to take TOEFL?[[zh]]我是一名从9年级开始就读美国高中的国际学生,我还需要参加托福考试吗?

[[en]]For international students, many private schools still require TOEFL score regardless of how many years have they been attending classes in the U.S.. Therefore, we strongly encourage international students to take TOEFL scores.[[zh]]对于国际学生来说,许多私立学校仍然要求托福成绩,不管他们在美国上了多少年的课。因此,我们强烈建议国际学生参加托福考试。