[[en]]Plan Your Bright Future Early[[zh]]规划未来,越早越好

[[en]]Our comprehensive academic planning and counseling ensures that students will follow the ideal path to their academic goals![[zh]]我们为学生进行全面的学术咨询和规划,确保他们都能在适合自己的求学道路上直奔目标!

[[en]]Do You Know[[zh]]你知道吗

[[en]]The majority of the rumors that you hear from other parents are just rumors![[zh]]从别人家父母那里打听来的,许多信息对你来说无异于谣言!

[[en]]If I am pursuing art or tech, what other special items will I need?[[zh]]如果我想学艺术或科技,我还需要准备什么特别的项目吗?

[[en]]What kinds of activities can help me build my major “spikes”?[[zh]]什么样的活动可以帮助我打造自己的专业“亮点”?

[[en]]At first I had no idea what major I wanted. My mom and I were thinking more about going towards business but I was still unsure. However, my counselors encourage me to attend an International Relations summer camp. There I discovered my true passion and future goals.[[zh]]一开始我不知道自己想学什么专业。我和妈妈更多地考虑去读商科,但我其实并不确定。然而,我的顾问鼓励我参加一个国际关系夏令营。在那里,我发现了自己真正的激情和未来的目标。

Richard X.

[[en]]Capistrano Valley Christian School, 11th Grade[[zh]]卡皮斯特拉诺山谷基督教学校,11年级
[[en]]When I first started here I was a straight B student and all I really cared about was soccer. After meeting with the counselors they explained to me the importance of academic performance and realistic goals. My second semester of 9th grade I was able to not only get mostly As, but also received honors classes for 10th grade.[[zh]]当我刚来这里的时候,我是一个成绩全B的学生,我真正关心的只有足球。与AA老师见面后,他们向我解释了学习成绩和现实目标的重要性。在我九年级的第二个学期,我不仅大部分成绩都拿了A,而且还获得了十年级的荣誉课程。

Wenze Y.

[[en]]Mater Dei High School, 10th Grade[[zh]]Mater Dei高中,十年级
[[en]]I changed my intended major during the second semester of 11th grade. My counselors helped me by giving me advice on the classes I need to take and what I need to do in the summer to help my application. They even helped me find an internship working with a professor at University of California, Irvine![[zh]]我在11年级下学期换了专业。我的顾问给了我一些建议,告诉我应该上哪些课,暑假应该做些什么有助于申请。他们甚至帮我找到了在加州大学欧文分校教授那里实习的机会!

Yang L.

[[en]]University High School, 12th Grade[[zh]]大学高中,12年级

[[en]]We've Got You Covered[[zh]]我们为你护航

[[en]]Background Analysis[[zh]]背景分析

[[en]]Our counselors meet with students and parents to really get to know their academic goals, interests, talents, and hobbies.[[zh]]我们的顾问与学生和家长面对面,深入了解他们的学术目标、兴趣、才能和爱好。

[[en]]Streamline Planning[[zh]]流程规划

[[en]]From academics to extracurricular activities, our students are provided with comprehensive individualized 4-year plans.[[zh]]从学术课业到课外活动,我们为学生提供全面的、个性化的四年计划。

[[en]]Extracurriculars & Volunteering[[zh]]课外活动与志愿者活动

[[en]]Students will participate in competitive programs as well as earn the President’s Volunteer Service Awards to develop “spikes” in their profile.[[zh]]学生们会通过参加竞赛类项目,以及获得志愿者服务奖,以此来打造他们的个人资料中的“亮点”或“特长”。

[[en]]Summer Programs[[zh]]夏季计划

[[en]]Our counselors will help students discover competitive summer programs that will enhance and diversify their application.[[zh]]我们的顾问将帮助学生发现有竞争力的暑期项目,以帮助他们在申请学校时提升个人含金量和多元性。

[[en]]Maker & Art Portfolio Guidance[[zh]]创客和艺术组合指导

[[en]]Students will be given detailed and comprehensive plans to successfully complete their specialized requirements.[[zh]]学生会拿到全面且详细的计划,以帮助他们成功地达到专业要求。

[[en]]Academic Tracking[[zh]]学术跟踪

[[en]]Our counselors track students’ grades weekly and hold monthly meetings in order to ensure that our students are on the right path.[[zh]]我们的顾问每周都会跟踪学生的成绩,并每月举行例会,以确保我们的学生一切都在正轨上。


[[en]]What type of extracurricular activities can help me?[[zh]]什么类型的课外活动有助于我的申请?

[[en]]Extracurriculars are to help you stand out during the application process. These will include volunteering, school clubs, sports, arts, and summer programs.[[zh]]课外活动是为了帮助你在申请过程中脱颖而出,包括志愿服务、学校俱乐部、体育、艺术和暑期项目等。

[[en]]How many clubs at schools should I join?[[zh]]在学校我应该参加多少社团?

[[en]]You should join at least two clubs at school. These two clubs should be linked to your intended major, volunteer services, or passions.[[zh]]在学校你应该至少参加两个社团,并且参与的社团应该与你想读的专业有关,或是与志愿者服务或极感兴趣的活动相关。

[[en]]What is the pathway to a specific major?[[zh]]如何能够就读某个特定专业?

[[en]]We first consider your ideal major and we will find ways to help you achieve that major. We will guide you to select relevant classes at school, volunteers, and strong summer programs.[[zh]]我们会首先考虑你的理想专业,并找到方法来帮助你实现专业目标。我们会指导你在学校选择相关的课程、志愿者服务和优质的暑期项目。

[[en]]When should I start preparing for the SAT?[[zh]]我应该什么时候开始准备SAT呢?

[[en]]We suggest that people should start preparing for the English section of the SAT as early as they can, especially memorizing the SAT vocabulary. They should start preparing for the SAT math section when they reach Algebra 2 at school.[[zh]]我们建议大家尽早开始准备SAT的英语部分,尤其是熟记SAT词汇。另外,在学校学习代数2时,就应该开始准备SAT数学部分了。

[[en]]Which AP Classes should I take?[[zh]]我应该选哪些AP课程?

[[en]]AP classes should be chosen based on your desired major. It is also important to take other AP classes to show that you are capable in diverse subjects.[[zh]]AP课程应该根据你想要读的专业来选择。当然,多参加其他AP课程也很重要,这可以显示出你在不同科目上的能力。

[[en]]How important are summer programs?[[zh]]暑期项目有多重要?

[[en]]Summer Programs are very important! They give the students the ability to diversify their experiences, as well as showing that they are interested in their major of choice.[[zh]]暑期活动非常重要!通过暑期活动,学生们不仅能够获得丰富自身经验的能力,同时也能显示出他们对所选专业的兴趣。