[[en]]K-12 Private School[[zh]]K-12私立学校

[[en]]Select the right private school as a stepping stone for your goal college![[zh]]选择正确的私立学校,为迈向理想大学奠基!

[[en]]Do You Know[[zh]]你知道吗

[[en]]Which schools have better resources for STEM majors? Which schools provide both IB and AP systems?[[zh]]哪些学校为STEM专业提供更好的资源?哪些学校同时提供IB和AP系统?

[[en]]What courses should my child take in 7th and 8th grade in order to be qualified for the top 10 private schools?[[zh]]我的孩子应该在7年级和8年级时上什么课程,才能获得排名前10的私立学校的入学资格?

[[en]]What extracurricular activities should my child do in 7th and 8th grade in order to enter the top 10 private schools?[[zh]]为了进入排名前10位的私立学校,我的孩子应该在7年级和8年级进行哪些课外活动?

[[en]]2019 Offers[[zh]]2019录取通知

[[en]]We've Got You Covered[[zh]]我们为你护航

[[en]]School Selection[[zh]]选择学校

[[en]]Upon evaluating students’ personal, academic, and extracurricular backgrounds, students are provided with a list of ideal schools to apply.[[zh]]在综合评估学生的个人、学业和课外活动背景后,我们会列出比较理想的可选学校。

[[en]]Academic Readiness[[zh]]学业准备

[[en]]Based on the requirements of their goal schools, students will be given and follow an Individualized academic and test preparation plan.[[zh]]根据目标学校的要求,本着个性化优先原则,我们会为学生制定课业和考试准备计划。

[[en]]Application Completion[[zh]]完成申请

[[en]]Parents and students are guided through the entire complex application process.[[zh]]我们在整个复杂的申请过程中为家长和学生提供全程指导。

[[en]]Personal Statement & Essays[[zh]]个人陈述与论文

[[en]]Professional essay coaches help parents highlight students’ characteristics and discover their strengths.[[zh]]专业的写作教练帮助父母来提炼和突出学生的特点并发掘其特长。

[[en]]Interview Training[[zh]]面试培训

[[en]]Professional interview training sessions help boost students’ confidence and effectively express their ideas.[[zh]]专业的面试培训课程有助于增强学生的信心并教会他们有效地自我表达。

[[en]]Talent Showcasing[[zh]]才艺展示

[[en]]In addition to academics, extracurricular activity planning is crucial for getting into top schools.[[zh]]除学业外,课外活动计划对于进入顶尖学校也至关重要。

[[en]]Our main coordinator is so friendly, responsive and highly productive. We feel our project progress become so reliable when we turn our application material to her. She is always on top of everything.[[zh]]我们的主要协调员,十分友善,而且反应敏捷,工作富有成效。当我们把申请材料交给她时就感觉到项目很靠谱,她总是把一切都处理的井井有条。

William H.

[[en]]Shanghai American School - 7th grade[[zh]]上海美国学校-七年级
[[en]]We are really happy with our essay coach. She is so inspiring. My son always feels excited when having her sessions. She is very careful and thoughtful. This is reflected in her guidance of our son’s essay.[[zh]]我们对文书指导老师非常的满意。她能让人倍受鼓舞,我儿子上课时总是很兴奋。通过对我儿子文书的指导,能看出她非常的谨慎且周到。


[[en]]Shanghai American School - 7th grade[[zh]]上海美国学校-七年级
[[en]]We are so pleased with the work of AA teachers. They are pros in what they do. We have no reservation in recommending them to all who need such help in their school applications.[[zh]]我们对AA老师的工作感到非常满意,他们是实干专家。我们毫无保留地向所有私校申请中需要此类帮助的人推荐他们。

Peter Z.

[[en]]JSerra Catholic High School[[zh]]JSerra Catholic 高中


[[en]]What are the advantages of private high schools?[[zh]]私立中学的优势是什么?

  • [[en]]Course selection is more flexible. Students are more likely to enroll in classes that suit their focus.[[zh]]课程选择更加灵活,学生更有可能参加适合自己发展重点的课程。
  • [[en]]Class size is usually smaller. Students are getting more attention from teachers.[[zh]]班级人数通常较小,学生能受到老师更多的关注。
  • [[en]]Students are more likely to score higher on SAT/ACT tests.[[zh]]学生更有可能在SAT / ACT考试中取得更高分数。
  • [[en]]International students receive more supports from the staff and faculty.[[zh]]国际学生会得到教职员工的更多支持。

[[en]]When should my children start preparing for private school applications?[[zh]]我的孩子应该什么时候开始准备申请私立学校?

[[en]]We recommend students start preparing for school application a year ahead because there are different placement exams or language proficiency tests required for admission. If students and parents want to apply to the top 100 schools, we strongly suggest them to start preparing as early as possible, ideally before 6th grade.[[zh]]我们建议学生提前一年为学校申请做准备,因为入学需要进行不同的分班考试或语言能力测试。如果学生和家长希望申请排名前100的学校,我们强烈建议他们尽早开始准备,最好是在六年级之前。

[[en]]How many private schools should we apply?[[zh]]我们应该申请几所私立学校?

[[en]]Depending on students’ academic and extracurricular experience, we normally suggest three types of schools (reaching, match, and safety) that fit students’ profiles.  Parents and students often choose three to five schools to apply.[[zh]]根据学生的学业和课外经验,我们通常建议学生分三种情况来申请(理想、匹配和保底)。家长和学生经常选择三到五所学校来申请。

[[en]]Which admission tests should we take?[[zh]]我们应该参加哪些入学考试?

[[en]]Depending on each private school’s requirements, common tests including ISEE, SSAT, TOEFL, HSPT, etc.[[zh]]具体根据每所私立学校的要求而定,通常包括ISEE,SSAT,TOEFL,HSPT等通用考试。

[[en]]Do my children need to take religion classes?[[zh]]我的孩子需要上宗教课吗?

[[en]]A vast majority of private schools include religion classes to their curriculum, and mostly, students are required to take them. (However, colleges usually do not count grades from religion classes.)[[zh]]绝大多数私立学校的课程都包括宗教课,大多数情况下学生必须参加这些课程。(但是,大学通常不计算宗教课的成绩。)

[[en]]What are Magnet or Specialized Programs?[[zh]]什么是磁石计划或者专业项目?

[[en]]Some private high schools offer programs that allow students to focus on specific interests such as engineering, medicine, law, art, and business. Students who enter these kinds of programs are able to take classes that are usually offered in 11th or 12th grade in 9th or 10th grade.[[zh]]一些私立高中提供的课程使学生能够专注于特定的兴趣,例如工程、医学、法律、艺术和商业等。通常学生可以在9年级或10年级就拿为11年级或12年级开设的课程。