Tech & Art Magnet Program


[[en]]Portfolio Showroom[[zh]]作品集案例

Megan C.

[[en]]Sage Hill High School[[zh]]Sage Hill高中
[[en]]It is very difficult to make up my mind for art school selections.  I have general ideas but I have no clue about my chances and I can’t tell which one fits me the best for my career goal. Advance Academy helps me to discover the unknowns, we research thoroughly and discuss strategies in depth.  I am so confident now because I have a better understanding of each top school and their requirements. I am so thankful for their help![[zh]]艺术类院校对我来说很难抉择,因为我只是有个大概想法,但我根本没法判断自己未来的机会在哪里,怎么选择才能匹配我的职业目标。而AA帮我探究了这些未知数,我们进行了深入的研究讨论,并针对性地制定了策略。我现在非常有信心,因为我对每所顶尖学校及其要求都有更好的了解,非常感谢他们的帮助!

Jerry H.

[[en]]University of California, Berkeley - Computer Science[[zh]]加州大学伯克利分校-计算机科学
[[en]]I joined really late during the summer before my 12th grade with low grades. My goal was to get into TOP 10 CS major colleges. The counselor here worked hard to help me develop a tech major spike within a few months. They helped me with website design, TECH portfolio, and application essays. I was admitted to UC Berkeley’s CS Major.[[zh]]我是在11年级那个暑假结束之前才加入的AA,那时成绩也不好。我的目标是进入计算机专业排名前十的大学。在这里的辅导员工作非常努力,他们帮助我进行了网站设计,准备科技类作品集以及陈述材料,在短短几个月内就提炼出了科技方向的特长特色。后来我就被加州大学伯克利分校计算机专业录取了。

Tina P.

The New School Parsons
[[en]]Besides art portfolios, there were many moving parts and tasks to complete my school applications.  I am very thankful that Advance Academy helped me to prioritize all work, identified best strategies, coached me with essays and most importantly they encouraged me to believe that I can make it all happen. We achieved the goal together![[zh]]除了艺术作品集外,还有许多其他的工作和任务要完成,才能保证我的申请顺利进行。我非常感谢Advance Academy帮助我确定了所有工作的优先顺序,制定了最佳的执行策略,为我提供了文书指导。最重要的是,他们鼓励我、相信我一定能够实现自己的目标。最后我们真的共同实现了目标!

[[en]]2019 Offers[[zh]]2019录取通知

[[en]]We've Got You Covered, Artists & Makers[[zh]]艺术家和创客,我们为你护航

[[en]]Portfolio Preparation[[zh]]作品集准备

[[en]]We guide you from brainstorming concepts, planning contents, executing artworks/tech projects, to delivering professional portfolios.[[zh]]我们会通过集思广益来确定主题概念,进而做好内容规划,再到具体执行艺术创作或技术开发,一站式指导你完成作品集的准备。

[[en]]High School Counseling[[zh]]高中辅导

[[en]]You need a 4-year plan to get into your dream schools. We will help with the right plan and assist with the execution. An impressive track record during your high school years is the ticket to your goal schools.[[zh]]高中期间的骄人成绩是您进入理想大学的入场券。因此,我们会为你制定一个完整的四年计划并协助落实,为你将来能进入理想的大学奠定基础。

[[en]]Application Strategy[[zh]]申请策略

[[en]]With our first-hand knowledge and over 30 years of experience,  you will learn how to best present yourself to compete with thousands of others.[[zh]]凭借我们的第一手知识和30多年的经验,你能够学会在与其他数千人竞争时,如何以最好的方式来展现自己。