[[en]]Tutoring Made Fun[[zh]]寓教于乐,趣味辅导

[[en]]Personalized 1-on-1 tutoring sessions cater to students' needs and deliver results in a limited time![[zh]]一对一的个性化辅导课程可满足学生需求,在有限的时间内即见成效!

[[en]]Do You Know[[zh]]你知道吗

[[en]]How to boost up SAT score by 100 points in a month?[[zh]]如何在一个月内将SAT成绩提高100分?

[[en]]How to improve TOEFL score by 20 in a month?[[zh]]如何在一个月内将托福成绩提高20分?

[[en]]What is the ideal ISEE score for the top 10 private high schools?[[zh]]排名前10的私立中学理想的ISEE分数是多少?

[[en]]In 7th grade, I was having troubles maintaining Bs in my classes, however, after attending classes at Advance Academy, I was able to get all As in 8th grade! Advance Academy is an amazing place for students who are having trouble with any schoolwork and I highly encourage students to sign up for their amazing classes![[zh]]七年级时,我的课业成绩连B都难拿到。但加入AA后,我能够在八年级时全得A!不管有什么样的学业烦恼,来AA就对了,这是个了不起的地方,强烈推荐同学们来试试他们的精彩课程!

Peter Z.

[[en]]JSerra Catholic High School[[zh]]JSerra天主教高中
[[en]]My math tutor right away figured out my weaknesses and provided me with lots of practice questions to improve on them. My English tutor taught me many learning skills and quizzed me during our sessions to make sure I truly understood the content. I was able to pass the California English proficiency test with the maximum points.[[zh]]我的数学导师总能快速找出我的弱点,并针对性地给出许多习题来帮助我提高。我的英语老师教教给我许多学习技巧,并在课程中对我进行测验,以确保我能真正消化其中的内容。我以最高分通过了加州英语能力测试。

Becky L.

[[en]]University High School in Irinve, CA[[zh]]加利福尼亚尔湾大学高中

[[en]]We've Got You Covered[[zh]]我们为你护航

[[en]]1-on-1 Tutoring[[zh]]一对一辅导

[[en]]Receive personally tailored lessons from highly qualified tutors in a one-on-one class setting.[[zh]]一对一辅导,高素质的导师为你量身定制课程。

[[en]]School Subjects[[zh]]学校科目

[[en]]More than 90% of students improve grades by at least one letter grade at school.[[zh]]超过90%的学生在学校将成绩提高了至少一个字母等级(例:从B上升到A)。

[[en]]Quality Tutors[[zh]]品质导师

[[en]]All of our tutors have a secondary degree or higher and have years of experience in education.[[zh]]我们所有的导师都具有高级学历,并具有多年的教育经验。

[[en]]Progress Report[[zh]]进度报告

[[en]]We keep parents and students informed with session progress and students' performance on a regular basis.[[zh]]自动化系统定期向家长和学生通报课程进度和学生的表现。

[[en]]Standardized Test[[zh]]标准测试

[[en]]We cover result-driven test preparation sessions, including SAT, ACT, ISEE, TOEFL, HSPT, and more![[zh]]我们提供结果导向的备考课程,包括SAT、ACT、ISEE、TOEFL、HSPT等!

[[en]]Mock test practices[[zh]]模考练习

[[en]]Students are provided with mock tests to assess their learning progress and boost their confidence on the actual test day.[[zh]]为学生提供模拟考试,以评估他们的学习进度,同时提升他们在实际考试当天的信心。


[[en]]What is the class size?[[zh]]班级有多少人?

[[en]]One on one.[[zh]]一对一。

[[en]]What subjects does AA offer?[[zh]]AA提供哪些科目的辅导?

[[en]]The subjects include AP Courses, math, science, English and language arts, social sciences/history, foreign languages, and standardized tests.[[zh]]包括AP课程、数学、科学、英语和语言艺术,社会科学/历史,外语和标准化考试。

[[en]]What standardized tests does AA offer?[[zh]]AA提供哪些标准测试?

[[en]]We provide test prep tutoring for SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, TOEFL, iTEP, SAT subjects and AP Subjects.[[zh]]我们为SAT、ACT、SSAT、ISEE、HSPT、TOEFL、iTEP、SAT学科和AP学科提供考试辅导。

[[en]]What grades does AA serve?[[zh]]AA服务于什么年级?

[[en]]We tutor students from elementary school up through college, with the majority being high school age.[[zh]]从小学到大学的学生我们均可进行辅导,其中大多数是高中阶段的学生。

[[en]]What method of payment does AA accept?[[zh]]AA支持哪种付款方式?

[[en]]We accept cash, check, credit card, online transfer, and wire transfer.[[zh]]我们支持现金、支票、信用卡、在线转帐和电汇。

[[en]]How long is a regular tutoring session?[[zh]]定期补习需要多长时间?

[[en]]Our regular session is 90 mins, and sessions can be extended with prior request.[[zh]]我们的常规辅导为90分钟,可以根据需求延长时间。